How To Choose Who Can Reply on Threads App 2023 – Full Guide

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How To Choose Who Can Reply on Threads?

Step 1. Launch the Threads app on your mobile device.

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Step 2. tap on your profile in the top left corner.


Step 3. look for the three dots in the top right corner.

menu on threads app

Step 4. Look for and tap on the “notifications” option.

How To Choose Who Can Reply on Threads

Step 5. Look for “Replies section” Select Your Preferred Option. Tap on it to proceed.

How To Choose Who Can Reply on Threads

Step 6. You’ll see three choices to control who can reply to your status updates:

  1. “Everyone”: Allows all users, including those not following you, to reply.
  2. “People You Follow”: Restricts replies to people you follow on Threads.
  3. “No One”: Disables replies altogether for your status updates.

Step 7. Save Your Preference.

Second Method: Choose Who Can Reply on Threads:

Step 1. Launch the Threads app on your mobile device.

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Step 2. New thread section per click Karen

How To Choose Who Can Reply on Threads app

Step 3. Tab on typing bar.

Step 4. Select who can reply your thread

choose who can reply on threads app 4

Pros & Cons to Choosing Who Can Reply:

  • Privacy Control
  • Reduced Spam and Unwanted Comments
  • Focus on Meaningful Interactions
  • Increased Privacy
  • Limiting Engagement
  • Isolation from New Connections
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Potential Social Pressure

Benefits of Choosing Who Can Reply:

1. Privacy Control:

You can maintain a higher level of privacy by limiting replies to only those you follow or disabling replies altogether. This ensures that your status updates are seen only by your intended audience.

2. Reduced Spam:

Limiting replies to “People You Follow” or “No One” can reduce the chances of receiving spam or irrelevant comments on your updates.

3. Safe Sharing:

With control over replies, you can feel more comfortable sharing sensitive or personal information without the risk of unwanted public comments.

4. Avoiding Negative Comments:

Limiting replies can protect you from negative or offensive comments that might be posted by strangers or those not closely connected to you.

5. Personal Branding:

Choosing who can reply enables you to cultivate a specific brand image or personality, which can resonate better with your intended audience.

6. Increased Comfort:

Knowing that only specific users can reply can increase your comfort level and confidence when sharing updates on the app, leading to more frequent and authentic posts.

Disadvantages of Choosing Who Can Reply:

1. Reduced Engagement:

Limiting replies may lead to decreased overall engagement on your status updates since some users might be discouraged from interacting if they cannot reply.

2. Limited Social Interaction:

Choosing who can reply might isolate you from new connections and potential interactions with users outside your inner circle.

3. Social Pressure on Followers:

If you choose not to allow replies, your followers may feel obliged to like or react to your status updates instead of being able to share their thoughts directly.

4. Limited Networking Opportunities:

Restricting interactions can limit networking opportunities, preventing you from connecting with potential collaborators or like-minded individuals.

5. Reduced Community Building:

Open discussions and replies can foster a sense of community among your followers, and limiting replies might hinder community-building efforts.


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