How to Add Link to Threads Profile 2023 – Full Guide

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How to Add Link to Threads Profile

Step 1. Launch the Threads app in your device.

Step 2. Go to your profile.

Step 3. Click on “Edit profile”.

Step 4. Navigate to the “Links” section.

Step 5. Select “Add external link“.

Step 6. Click the URL & Link box.

Step 7. “Paste.” your social media link and website.

Step 8. Then Tap on the “Done.” option.

What are some privacy-friendly link options?

Here are some privacy-friendly link options that you can consider adding to your thread profile:

how to addl link threads profile
  1. Personal Website or Blog.
  2. Professional Social Media Profiles.
  3. Portfolio Websites.
  4. Open Source Projects.
  5. Educational Platforms
  6. Publications
  7. Non-Profit Organizations
  8. Podcast or Video Episodes
  9. Professional Blog Posts
  10. Event Pages

Video Guide:


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